lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

Avignon - France 360 *English #ThePatuo 51

Hi guys, welcome aboard this journey called The Patuo 360. I’m the architect Danilo Guzman and today we are already inside Avignon City.
This is a city fully of inspiration which is a city of World Heritage. It Is here where Napoleon used to live and also Pierre Boulle, the writer of The Planet of the Apes.
We will go through the city from the actual civic center and walk by vaulted passages that cross its blocks, and we will finish in front of the Papa’s castle.
Make sure to look down to see how the foundation of the castle is joined to the big rock.
Also, look up and see how a street is covered with colorful umbrellas.
Actually, look around because this is a 360-degree experience.

I want to say Hi to Darril Tylson.
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Now I’m going to say good bye without before asking something to you.
Do you know what the song of a swallow or sparrow is?
I want to invite you to download the application called Aves de Chile AR.
It is an application of audio in augmented reality of songs of birds of Chile.
The download link of application and of the imagens of the birds are on the video description.
I’m Danilo Guzman, cofounder of Virtualizar, experts in augmented reality and virtual reality. See you soon guys.

Link Aves de Chile AR

Images of Birds


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