domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

Avignon Bridge - France 360 *English #thepatuo 49

Welcome aboard everyone to the Patuo 360 journey. I am architect Danilo Guzman, and today we are in the city of Avignon in southern   France.  We will travel to   the medieval world of castles and dragons. In the today ‘s episode, we going to get our first close up look of the city.
We will walk across the remains of the famous Avignon Bridge on the Rhone River, which no longer reaches the other side.
We will see gigantic stones walls that surround the city. Some of them are more than 700 years old.
We will also attempt to walk them as if we were medieval guards watching over the city.
Look around you, because this a 360-degree experience.

In this month celebrating terror, I want invite to you download Horror VR, a virtual reality game for people over 14 years. Explore an old orphanage to discover what happened in this (suspenseful) game.
I want to say hi to Brenda Travis.
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Goodbye for now., I am Danilo Guzman, Cofounder of Virtualizar, experts in augmented reality and virtual reality.  See you soon guys.

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