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Mykonos Beach - Greece 360 *English #thepatuo 47

Hi guys. I’m the architect Danilo Guzman. Welcome aboard The Patuo 360 journey. Today we continue our travels around the island of Mykonos. At the moment Mykonos is not well known for beaches of soft sand, rather for its rocky coasts. But the few beaches that they have are oases of paradise.  We’re going to pass through one of the most exclusive beaches on Mykonos, ending up at the sunset party. Look around you, because this a 360 degree experience. Maybe you’ll be able to see Leonardo di Caprio and Paris Hilton: both of them are on this beach!

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Fear Nightmare VR Game

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Playa de Mykonos - Grecia 360 *Danilo #thepatuo 46

Hola amigos, soy el arquitecto Danilo Guzman y te doy la bienvenida a este viaje llamado The Patuo 360. Hoy continuaremos en la isla de Mykonos. La verdad es que Mykonos no se caracteriza por tener un borde de playas de arenas suaves, más bien sus bordes son rocosos, pero las pocas playas que tiene son paradisiaca y privadas. Atravesaremos una de las playas mas exclusivas de Mykonos, para terminar en la fiesta del atardecer. Mira a tu alrededor por que esto es en 360, quizás logres ver a Leonardo di Caprio y a París Hilton que están en esta playa. 

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Fear Nightmare VR Game
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Mykonos Island - Greece 360 *English #thepatuo 45

Welcome everyone to this journey with the Patuo 360. Today we are going to visit the island of Mykonos one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Aegean Sea. We go through the city and reach the neighbourhood called Little Venice ,and we are going to finish in front of its well known windmills. Don’t forget to look up and see the way the balconies connect to each other. And also look down abd its fabulous stone pavement. Make sure you look around because this is a 360 degree experience.   

How we realized, Mikonos is a city where we can find orthodox church and catholic church. They are helpfully at the moment to guide self in this labyrinthine city.
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Now I'm going to say goodbye without first sending greetings to Aki Inoue and Mauricio Cabrera.
I’m the architect Danilo Guzman and until the next 360 degrees journey. See you soon guys.

Mineria VR
Is a Virtual Reality application where you can have an immersive experience in mining work. In this application your eyes are in control. Download it right now and enjoy this simulation among the gigantic mining trucks. The download link is on the video description.

lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

Isla de Mykonos Grecia 360 *Danilo #thepatuo 44

Sean todos bienvenidos a este viaje llamado The Patuo 360, Hoy visitaremos Mikonos, La isla más turística del mar egeo, atravesaremos la ciudad para llegar al barrio llamado la pequeña Venecia y terminaremos frente a sus destacados molinos. No te olvides de mirar hacia arriba y ver como los balcones de cada casa se unen en lo alto. Tampoco dejes de mirar hacia abajo sus fabulosos pavimentos de piedra, bueno la verdad es que mira a tu alrededor porque esto es en 360.

Como pudimos ver mikonos es una ciudad donde podemos encontrar iglesias ortodoxas y católicas, que son de gran ayuda al momento de querer orientarse en esta laberíntica ciudad.
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Ahora me despido sin antes mandar un saludo a Aki Inoue y a Mauricio Cabrera.

Soy el arquitecto Danilo Guzman y nos vemos en el próximo viaje 360. chao amigos.

Mineria VR
Es una aplicación de Realidad Virtual donde podrás vivir una experiencia en plena faena minera. en esta aplicación tu mirada es el control. Descárgala ya y disfruta de este simulador entre los gigantescos camiones mineros. El link de descarga está en la descripción del video.

Oia's Windmills - Santorini 360 *English #thepatuo 43

              Hi guys, welcome aboard on this journey called the Patuo 360. Today we move on to the Santorini island, but this time we going to visit the windmills of the Oia city. Look around, because we’re in a 360 degree.
              According to the researchers, here is where the Atlantis city is thought to be located. Today already submerged in the sea, destroyed by the explosion of the volcano 3,500 years ago.
Greek mythology says that the eruption was provoked by Neptune in a battle against the Goddess Athena.
              This is the Sant George’s Orthodox Church, located at the end of the main street. Which is particular because it has a spacious and orthogonal atrium very different from the labyrinthine and narrow passages of the Oia city.
              In ancient times, this island had problems of drought and difficulty for agriculture in volcanic earth. So, the Oia’s people had to self-supply, that is why they ground different species, mainly the wheat in these old windmills.

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