sábado, 21 de octubre de 2017

Mykonos Beach - Greece 360 *English #thepatuo 47

Hi guys. I’m the architect Danilo Guzman. Welcome aboard The Patuo 360 journey. Today we continue our travels around the island of Mykonos. At the moment Mykonos is not well known for beaches of soft sand, rather for its rocky coasts. But the few beaches that they have are oases of paradise.  We’re going to pass through one of the most exclusive beaches on Mykonos, ending up at the sunset party. Look around you, because this a 360 degree experience. Maybe you’ll be able to see Leonardo di Caprio and Paris Hilton: both of them are on this beach!

I want to send best wishes to Korey Armstrong. As for you, thank for watching this video; if you like it, give me a like and subscribe to my channel in YouTube, Veer vr and Samsung vr. Also you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Remember to use virtual reality glasses to get a real immersive experience with The Patuo 360. Now I’m saying good bye, I’m Danilo Guzman cofounder of Virtualizar, expert in augmented reality and virtual reality, see you soon guys.

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