lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

Oia's Windmills - Santorini 360 *English #thepatuo 43

              Hi guys, welcome aboard on this journey called the Patuo 360. Today we move on to the Santorini island, but this time we going to visit the windmills of the Oia city. Look around, because we’re in a 360 degree.
              According to the researchers, here is where the Atlantis city is thought to be located. Today already submerged in the sea, destroyed by the explosion of the volcano 3,500 years ago.
Greek mythology says that the eruption was provoked by Neptune in a battle against the Goddess Athena.
              This is the Sant George’s Orthodox Church, located at the end of the main street. Which is particular because it has a spacious and orthogonal atrium very different from the labyrinthine and narrow passages of the Oia city.
              In ancient times, this island had problems of drought and difficulty for agriculture in volcanic earth. So, the Oia’s people had to self-supply, that is why they ground different species, mainly the wheat in these old windmills.

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