lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

Popes' Palace - France 360 *English #ThePatuo 53

Hi guys, welcome aboard this journey called The Patuo 360.
I’m the architect Danilo Guzman and for me it is very pleasant to present you today the biggest Gothic castle in the world.
We refer to the Papas’ Palace here in Avignon France. Here was the center of Catholicism before going to Rome in the 14th century.
We will enter the Palace surrounding its fabulous courtyards and walk through its enclosures, among this fascinating medieval atmosphere. Make sure to look up its cross-vault domes, also, look down once we are already up at the top of its security tower to guard the city.
Actually, look around you because this is a 360-degree experience.

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I'm Danilo Guzman, Cofounder of Virtualizar, experts in augmented reality and virtual reality. See you soon guys.

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